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Today Intercar is one of the worldwide most important player in the industry of car brake discs, both for first production as for After Market, that offers a complete service: from the Design – Engineering till the production of finished products, the personalization, the packaging and the logistic.

In order to satisfy its customers, Intercar invests constantly in Research & Development: from the feasability analyses, to the research and creation of new solutions, till their realization.

The internal management of all productions’ processes assures the realization of new products’ prototype and its test in the internal laboratory in short times, which leads to a better feasability of Design – Engineering.


Car brake discs produced by Intercar are different thanks to their robustness and their scraping-resistance and because they are non-deformable. All of these advantages ensure long lasting and a uniform friction through the time.
Our Car brake discs are produced only with the best raw materials and they are submitted to scrupolous checks, that reply fully to the standards imposed by the most important car manufactories.


The High Performance range grants better security and performances to lovers of sports-driving, through a significant reduction of fading, and a always ready braking, long lasting performances, in terms of durability and reliability of the brake discs.


They represent an innovative solution that can be used on sports car and on racing vehicles. This technology reduce the weight and avoid permanent deformation. Positive also on noise effect, on the driving comfort and on the vehicles’ emissions.


The products of the Company obtained the Approval and the ISO 9001:2008 + IATF 16949 Certifications from the Tüv. These as proof of the perfect quality management.




Sono passati 50 anni dall’intuizione imprenditoriale di Vittorio Palazzani e di Marco Bonometti di fare impresa e farla bene, INSIEME. Nel festeggiare il suo anniversario, Intercar ringrazia ancora una volta le proprie persone, vero patrimonio dell’azienda, le cui competenze e professionalità sono garanzia di massima flessibilità ed affidabilità per i nostri clienti, cuore pulsante di un mercato sempre più dinamico. Intercar continua ad investire nel 100% made in Italy, credendo fortemente nella sinergia territorio-impresa-lavoro.Intercar ringrazia fortemente i propri collaboratori, clienti e fornitori, perché è solo grazie al gioco di squadra che si possono superare i momenti difficili come quello che stiamo vivendo oggi, a causa del Covid e gioire INSIEME dei successi passati, presenti e futuri.Sono passati 50 anni, ma la passione e la determinazione è la medesima del primo giorno.. altri importanti traguardi e anniversari ci aspettano!It has been 50 years since Vittorio Palazzani and Marco Bonometti started their business, with the idea to do it well and TOGETHER. For its Anniversary, InterCar would like to thank once again its employees, who represent the real asset of the Company. Their skills and professionalism guarantee maximum flexibility and reliability to InterCars’ customers, who are the beating heart of an increasingly dynamic market.InterCar continues to invest in 100% Made in Italy and strongly believes in the synergy between territory, business and work. A special thank to our staff, customers and suppliers. Overcoming difficult moments, like the one we’re living due to Covid-19 is only possible thanks to a great teamwork: together we celebrate the past, present and future successes. 50 years have passed but the passion and the determination are the same of the first day. Further important achievements and anniversaries await us! 50 Jahre sind vergangen, seit Vittorio Palazzani und Marco Bonometti die unternehmerische Intuition hatten, ein Unternehmen zu gründen und es gut und vor allem ZUSAMMEN zu leiten. Anlässlich seines Jahrestags dankt Intercar nochmal seinen Mitarbeitern, die der echte Schatz der Firma sind: Ihre Kompetenzen und Professionalität garantieren unseren Kunden – dem schlagenden Herzen eines immer dynamischeren Markts – größe Flexibilität und Zuverlässigkeit.Intercar investiert weiterhin in 100% Made in Italy und glaubt fest an die Synergie zwischen Gebiet, Unternehmen und Arbeitswelt.Intercar dankt herzlich seinen Mitarbeitern, Kunden und Lieferanten, weil man schwierige Zeiten wie diejenigen, die wir gerade wegen der Covid–Pandemie erleben, nur ZUSAMMEN dank der Teamarbeit überwinden und sich ZUSAMMEN auf die früheren, gegenwärtigen und künftigen Erfolge freuen kann.50 Jahre sind vergangen, aber die Leidenschaft und die Entschlossenheit sind immer die gleichen des ersten Tags. Neue wichtige Ziele und Jahrestage erwarten uns! ... See MoreSee Less

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