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The whole production is subjected to a Statistic Process Control, using electronic equipment that examines the raw material and samples during the various stages of processing.

The systematicity and extension of controls allow to produce quality, rather than obtaining it only by selection, improving the overall productivity of the company.


InterCar, thanks to its precision, has achieved certifications relating to the application of ISO standards: in fact, as evidence of its optimal quality management system, at the beginning of 2015, the company renewed the ISO 9001 certification obtained in 1997.
Furthermore, the Company’s constant commitment to improve the technological standards is recognized by the most recent IATF 16949: 2016 certification, obtained in 2009 from the prestigious DNV Institute.

To confirm its seriousness, InterCar activated the procedures for the ECE R90 approval of its brake discs in 2014, which is necessary for all products sold in the AfterMarket since January 2016. A standard defined within the UN that also has value outside the territory of the European Union and which provides for the evaluation of the efficiency of the single brake disc and the similarity of its behavior with the components originally mounted on the vehicle.